Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stinky Steers Suppliment Stinky Signal

More local reporting. I continue to be amazed that AT&T has such poor signal down the I-5 corridor. Folks may say it is "just me," but as I drove by the feed lots north of Coalinga, the signal was still a typical jumpy mess. Sometimes, it even read "no service," meaning no voice or data! After about 20 minutes of trying to let it find a stable spot, I gave up and went back to iPod. For those who might think that it is just the car, that seems highly unlikely. I have had the same results in a PT Cruiser and a Toyota Sienna - two vehicles with what I have to imagine are very different EM profiles.

Let's see if AT&T can improve this highly trafficked corridor.


HT said...

I find that so strange that you are having problems. AT&T's coverage maps clearly shows that there is consistent coverage along I-5. I wonder if the towers are down or if there are too many people connected at the same time along that corridor.

Maybe you should stop using I-5 and use Highway 99 instead. Lol. That is what I would do!

David Frerichs said...

As is so often true, clearly the map is not the territory. The road was pretty empty that day and it seems unlikely that the towers were out for such a big stretch. Ah well, hopefully they will fix it.