Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pioneer's in-car voice-controlled Internet radio mashup

As I have said many times, the key to usability of Internet radio is integration and intuitive control. Power on, turn the knob, and something good comes out of the speakers. As incredible as it may sound, at CES 2011, Pioneer demonstrated an Internet platform that makes it even simpler. In their case, you just power on, say what you want, and something good happens.

Pioneer's Platform for the Aggregation of Internet Services mashes up Internet radio, social networking, local search, and navigation all wrapped in a natural language voice user interface. It makes the app-by-app experiences announced at CES look a little bit archaic.

Fans of Tuner2 will notice a familiar Internet radio service featured in the demonstration video starting at 2:00 and the use of TunerMap starting at 4:00.


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